from £65 /week

Mindfulness-based Size & Weight Reduction Course

This E-SaW Club Course includes face-to-face meetings with a coach every week for 10 weeks.


Biomedical Testing

Not only do we encourage you to take part in mindfulness practices, we ask you to take simple saliva tests – this provides important information about your Personal Defended Size & Weight, and together we tailor the programme especially for you.


Fast Size & Weight Reduction

Amazingly quick results, which you can choose to make permanent.

Join the size of group you would prefer from 1 person to 15.


Fighting your body’s responses

Your body automatically fights your efforts to reduce your size. We call this the ‘Personal Defended Size & Weight’. With the right information you can overcome this.

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What’s included in your Membership?

Private Facebook Community

Share your journey online with other members in your group. Often members enjoy sharing tips or asking questions.

Texts to remind you

Help us to understand you better.

Texts to remind you

We send you reminder text so you can be sure you are doing all you need to.

Emails to guide you

Lots of contact from us to make sure you are enjoying the course and getting the most from it.

Audios and Videos

For you to listen to, and watch, from home, or on your device, to supplement the weekly meetings.

3 body chemical tests

Tests to help you choose the best method to change your Defended Personal Size & Weight.

Group Meetings in the town or city of your choice

Our weekly meet-ups with your coach are there to encourage and motivate you – they are formed of a community of caring individuals.

Interactive Handbooks

Our handbooks include invaluable insights, questionnaires and unique tips – made interactive, they can be used to journal your experiences.

Online Personal Dashboard

Receive private access to your very own online portal which hosts all of your programme materials in one safe place.


Listen to our very own coaches calmly guiding you through the best techniques to reach your goal.

Online Live Discussion Groups

Our regular discussions online help to keep you focussed throughout the week.


Your own confidential coach to whom you can ask questions throughout the course.

No weighing, no banned food & no guilt


Sustainable, enjoyable change


Qualified coaching every week

The cost of the 10 week course depends on the size of the group you join. Your weekly fee includes all the saliva and other tests that will make the course unique to you and is set before you start.

They range from £65 per week if your group has 12 or more people in it, to £180 per week if you decide to do the course on your own. For example, if your group contains 6 people, it costs £75 per week. If you take the course as a couple (it can be done in your home) it will cost you £115 each.

The cost per week is fixed when you join – you won’t pay any more even if the group gets smaller.

Why is the course more expensive than some diet plans where people meet up?

The 10 week E-SaW course is not a diet. It is a life-changing course about the way your body and your mind treats food, exercise and drink. It involves health and biomedical experts looking at your individual body chemicals and attitudes.

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10 Week Course

from £65/week

– Sam

“I think that it’s very
important that the Club
provide specialist
sessions that will help me
evaporate lifelong
bad habits”

– Sam

“I think that it’s very important that the Club provide specialist sessions that will help me evaporate lifelong bad habits”

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