Membership Application

What is this?

This is the first step in your membership application. Filling it in commits you to nothing at all – it just tells us that you’re interested.

What happens after I fill it in?

We will invite you to a group meeting – online or in person if there is one you can get to – where we will outline how the E-SaW Guaranteed Permanent is adopted to you personally. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. You’ll probably have a chance to meet other members too who will outline their own experiences.

What if I find, after the group meeting, that it’s not for me?

No problem at all. Simply let us know and we will delete you from our lists.

What if, after the group meeting, I’d like to give membership a try?

You’ll be made very welcome – but be assured that you can leave at any time should you change your mind.

Let’s take the first step to becoming an E-SaW Club member…

…please complete this application form:

This Membership Application Form is available as a downloadable PDF