Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between being a member of The E-SaW Club and joining a weight loss programme?

All Club mentors and consultants are health professionals registered with a government recognised regulator. They are required by their professional bodies to be safe, ethical and to put our members’ interests before financial gain.

The Club does not recommend or favour any one particular programme, diet or method for reducing body fat – but supports each member so that they can make an informed choice that suits their body and their lifestyle.

Although we discuss food, exercise and drink at our meetings, mentoring sessions and consultations, the emphasis is on the way each member uses food, exercise and drink in their lives.

The Club aims for permanent, sustainable, enjoyable change. Members can, and do, become smaller and lighter quite quickly – and sometimes this is necessary if, for example, a member needs to be ready for an occasion – or is having an operation. But permanence is the key for our members.

There is no judgement, failure or guilt in our programmes. Our groups are kind, respectful, supportive and interested in one another.

No-one is excluded, whatever their history with trying to be smaller – and whatever their size is now.

We don’t weigh or measure at meetings and members’ can have as much confidentiality as they wish.

Who is the E-SaW Club for?

The Club, and its central programme, called “The Mindful Journey” is designed specifically for these people:

  • People who have dieted previously, become smaller and lighter, but put it back on. Many of our members have done this a number of times before joining us.
  • People who have been through, or are still going through, a time of anxiety, stress or grief or who have experienced a traumatic event.
  • People who have tried different plans and diets and are now unsure of what regime will work for them.
  • People who have habits about food, exercise or drink which they have struggled with.
  • People who feel they would be more successful at getting permanent change either in a group, or with access to one-to-one support, advice and clinical care throughout the programme.
  • People who really want to be smaller and lighter but have failed to find a strategy that works for them.
  • People who have a routine that they feel is stopping them being the size and weight that they want to be – for example, they feel they need to drink alcohol routinely, or they need to eat certain foods often or they have routines that mean they eat large meals regularly.
  • People who think they’ll probably get smaller and lighter on a diet or weight loss plan, but as soon as they finish it they think they’ll probably start to put back the losses they’ve made.
  • People who have a physical or emotional issue that they feel will make becoming smaller and lighter difficult for them.
Do I have to be able to travel to London every week to be able to be a member of the E-SaW Club and get help with my size and weight?

Not at all. If you have access to the internet you can join our club. We meet online, and can provide support over the phone.

However, if you think you would like to be able to attend meetings in your area please get in touch – let us know who you are and where you are and we may be able to help. Simply send an email to

Alternatively, if you would like to work with us, and set up a club in your local area, please email

I’ve read that the Club’s programme, called “The Mindful Journey”, only finishes when the member achieves something called a new Personal Defended Size & Weight. What is this?

We have two nervous systems which can act independently, but also work together to make sure we eat and drink enough.

When we eat less for a prolonged period, like we do to become smaller, the central and enteric nervous systems increase our feelings of hunger and make us feel full-up more slowly. They are guarding exactly the same size and weight that we are trying to lower! Which isn’t very helpful!

So when we try to become smaller, our own bodies fight against us. We call the size and weight each member’s body is defending their Personal Defended Size & Weight.

Why do our bodies guard this Personal Defended Size & Weight?

Everyone is different, but it’s the way we have evolved over millions of years. If the quantity of food we eat goes down, our bodies tend to act as if there’s a shortage of food – some sort of famine.

For most of us, our bodies firstly make us hungrier than we’re used to – that’s a throwback to pre-historic times when we’d need the incentive of hunger to leave a nice safe cave and go off to hunt and gather. Then, when we find food, our bodies are slower than normal to feel full-up so we eat for longer and increase our fat reserves.

This worked really well when we needed to hunt and gather for hours to find enough food. But today, you and I just need to go to the fridge! So a once successful survival system is now actually fighting our attempts to be smaller.

If our own bodies are fighting against our attempts to be smaller, what can we do?

Firstly, there’s a big difference between our bodies doing something we are unaware of, and our bodies doing something that we are expecting them to. So we have lots of ways that support and advice our members. Podcasts, videos, online get-togethers, one-to-one mentoring to answer questions, fun surveys and really friendly online and face-to-face groups.

There’s a weekly instalment of The Mindful Journey handbook and informal online discussion about the best way each member can utilise what’s in them.

We also use mindfulness – a version that is heavily researched, and approved by the government watchdog NICE for use in the National Health Service. Mindfulness is a huge help in making us aware of the difference between what we feel and what is actually real. You can come along to one of our meetings and talk to our members about this.

We use trance therapy too, on request, when members are having considerable difficulty changing habits regarding food, exercise and drink.

Research shows that if someone maintains, with support, a size and weight loss for around a year, the body accepts this new situation and stops fighting us.

How do we know when we have a new Personal Defended Size & Weight?

We measure a number of hormones, using saliva. A number of different hormones work to tell us that we feel hungry – and that we are full. Each of us react slightly differently to different combinations of these hormones. People who are overweight produce proportionately less amounts of the hormones that make us feel full, than average. As we reduce our food and drink intake, these levels drop even further. And the hunger-feeling creating hormones increase.

Then our bodies accept a new Personal Defended Size & Weight and reverse these hormone levels.

Is the cost of the saliva tests included?

Yes. Some people like to have more – to check levels more often – but that is a choice for each member on The Mindful Journey.

Do I pay any more if I haven’t achieved my new Personal Defended Size and Weight within a year?

No. We will support you however long it takes. The only extra cost to you will be any extra services you choose to have – for example consultancies or saliva assays.

If I don’t like groups, or I can’t get to one, is it possible to have more one-on-one support?

Yes. We will create a strategy that suits your personality and your lifestyle.

Nearly £2,300 seems a lot for a programme to make me smaller.

It certainly isn’t a small amount. But you are getting personal attention and a guarantee.

If you chose a traditional diet programme, and then saw a coach or mentor every other week, you’d pay quite a lot more. And, with The Mindful Journey, you get a lot more than coaching, mentoring and a guarantee:

a weekly The Mindful Journey Handbook instalment
online get-togethers,
one-to-one mentoring to answer questions,
the availability of professional consultants to help if life issues are making your progress more difficult
fun surveys and
really friendly online and face-to-face groups.

And the whole point of joining The E-SaW Club and undertaking The Mindful Journey is that it is guaranteed – and will keep going for as long as it takes for you to achieve your new Personal Defended Size and Weight.

How does the Guarantee work?

The details are in our brochure, which we urge you to read through. You can download a copy of our brochure here.

Do all members have to join The Mindful Journey?

So far, every member of the Club has taken The Mindful Journey. But you are not in any way required to do so. When you join The E-SaW Club, you are not signing up to The Journey unless you specifically choose to do so.

What else are you checking for with the saliva tests?

First of all, of course all tests are voluntary. We use them initially to look at an overall picture of the changes in your hormones over a 24 hour period. For the Club’s biomedical scientists, this process is a bit like a treasure hunt – what they look for next depends on what they found on a previous test. A tiny amount of saliva, collected on a swab like the ones at the dentist, can be tested many times for different things.

I understand that sleep is important

Research shows that sleep is a very important factor in our ability to change our size and weight. Our initial saliva tests will look at a member’s hormone levels for information if they report sleep difficulties.

My question isn’t answered here. What should I do?

There is an online ‘Send a message’ service on this website. Please feel free to use it. If you would like us to contact you, then do leave your details. All enquiries are treated with total confidentiality.

How do I find out more?

If you can get to London, you can come along to our free “Chelsea Chats” over tea and coffee. There are normally a few people together asking questions – but we can talk to you privately should you so wish.

If you can’t get to London, then you can find out more at our short webinars – which have question sessions at the end. We can always arrange to talk to you online privately too.

To see dates of our free chats or webinars, please visit our events page.