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Who is the E-SaW Club for?

The Club gives its members friendly, inspiring support and advice and a central programme called The E-SaW Guaranteed Permanent. It is designed specifically for these people:

  • People who have dieted previously, become smaller and lighter, but put it back on. Many of our members have done this a number of times before joining us.
  • People who have been through, or are still going through, a time of anxiety, stress or grief or who have experienced a traumatic event.
  • People who have tried different plans and diets and are now unsure of what regime will work for them.
  • People who have habits about food, exercise or drink which they have struggled with.
  • People who feel they would be more successful at getting permanent change either in a group, or with access to one-to-one support, advice and clinical care throughout the programme.
  • People who really want to be smaller and lighter but have failed to find a strategy that works for them.
  • People who have a routine that they feel is stopping them being the size and weight that they want to be – for example, they feel they need to drink alcohol routinely, or they need to eat certain foods often or they have routines that mean they eat large meals regularly.
  • People who think they’ll probably get smaller and lighter on a diet or weight loss plan, but as soon as they finish it they think they’ll probably start to put back the losses they’ve made.
  • People who have a physical or emotional issue that they feel will make becoming smaller and lighter difficult for them.
What are the main differences between being a member of The E-SaW Club and joining a weight loss programme?

All Club members have access to consultants – health professionals registered with a government recognised regulator. They are required by their professional bodies to be safe, ethical and to put our members’ interests before financial gain.

The Club does not recommend or favour any one particular programme, diet or method for reducing body fat – but supports each member so that they can make an informed choice that suits their body and their lifestyle.

The Club is actively concerned with reducing the chances of you becoming diabetic. Type 2 diabetes bring many health risks – including a higher chance of stroke and coronary problems. We believe that diabetes prevention is critical for everyone over 40.

Although we sometimes discuss food, exercise and drink at our meetings, mentoring sessions and consultations, the emphasis is on each individual member and supporting them to be the size they want to be.

The Club believes everyone – that really is everyone – can experience sustainable, enjoyable change regarding their size and weight.

Members needing to become smaller and lighter quite quickly – for example, to be ready for an occasion, or for an operation – are fully supported on the programme. They simply let their facilitator or mentor know about their particular goals.

There is no judgement, failure or guilt in our programmes. Our groups are kind, respectful, supportive and interested in one another.

No-one is excluded, whatever their history with trying to be smaller – and whatever their size is now.

We don’t weigh or measure at meetings and members’ can have as much confidentiality as they wish.

Why is it important for me to check whether I am pre-diabetic?

Being ‘pre-diabetic’ means that you have heightened levels of blood-glucose but you don’t yet have all the symptoms of being diabetic. It doesn’t automatic mean that you will become diabetic – but it is wise to treat a positive test for pre-diabetes as a warning you should heed.

Type 2 diabetes, which is overwhelmingly the most common kind, is most prevalent in people over 40, although people with a background in South Asia are more susceptible to the disease and are wise to be tested once they reach 25.  People with backgrounds from everywhere are now getting the disease earlier in life, and it is much more frequently seen in children than at the start of this century.

Type 2 diabetes occurs because there is not enough insulin in our body, or the insulin isn’t working properly.  This means that glucose builds up in the blood and is also detectable in the urine.

Type 2 DM, as it is often called, means a greatly increase likelihood of :

  • impaired vision and blindness – knowing you are pre-diabetic means we, or you, can arrange annual diabetic retinopathy
  • kidney failure
  • cardiovascular disease
  • strokes
  • pregnant women with Type 2 DM have an increased risk of miscarriage and still-birth
  • nerve damage
  • sexual dysfunction in both sexes
  • foot problems

The most important thing is to make sure that pre-diabetes doesn’t become Type 2 diabetes – and, where it does, that it is controlled effectively.

Membership of The E-SaW ensures that a programme personal to each member is created to reduce, as effectively as possible, the likelihood of pre-diabetes becoming Type 2 diabetes.

Of course, The E-SaW Club also provides support and advice for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.



Do I need to give blood or urine samples?

No you don’t. In fact, you don’t have to give any samples at all – even saliva – but our ability to support and advise you will be improved if you do.

Blood tests are done with a pin-prick pen which many people find almost painless – but some people don’t care for! In many cases, we can substitute saliva samples for blood and / or urine – although they may not give us the same quality of information. Feel free to talk to our coach or mentor about this – we promise that they will be very understanding.

It is a fundamental of The E-SaW Club that the members are in control of what happens. There is never any pressure on a member to do anything at any time. We simply offer members the advice and support so that each one can make informed decisions.

Do all members have to join The E-SaW Club’s Guaranteed Permanent programme?

When you join The E-SaW Club, you are not legally signing up to the Guaranteed Permanent.  You can be part of the Club, and join the Guaranteed Permanent only when you’re ready to do so. There is never any pressure on you.

How individually tailored is The Guaranteed Permanent programme?

Every single member has their programme designed specifically for them once they have undertaken some body chemical tests and surveys. There is no one ideal plan for everyone – we believe that each person on this programme should have as bespoke a course as is possible.

Both programmes also include a test for pre-diabetes – which is included as part of your membership. The results of that will influence your individual programme.

As we get to know more about you, for instance which things you find easy, which things you find more difficult, what’s happening in your life at the moment, that will influence your individual programme.

The reason the vast majority of people are not the size they’d like to be is that the way they think about their food, exercise and drink is, for them, now out-of-date. The E-Saw Club’s central programme will help you to gently re-evaluate your personal, unique strategy for the future.

How does the Guarantee work?

The details are discussed at all our preliminary chats – both face-to-face and online. You also receive a written guarantee when you start the Guaranteed Permanent.

Briefly, there are two parts of the programme that are guaranteed:

  1. Towards the end of your first 10 weeks, you will agree, with your personal mentor, a goal size or weight that is achievable safely and, just as importantly, sustainably. If you follow your mentor’s advice, we guarantee that you will reach that agreed size and or weight.
  2. Once you have attained your new Personal Defended Size and Weight, we will, if you follow your mentor’s guidance, guarantee that you will retain 85% or more of the losses you have achieved.

The guarantee covers fees if you take the course privately, and any donations you make to other organisations relating to work in Type 2 diabetes or size and weight that you have informed your mentor or facilitator about.


I am uncertain about how I am expected to donate to charities working with the E-SaW Club, or having similar goals?

Guidance is available to you in this brochure.

Don’t ever donate more than is comfortably affordable to you – however well you feel your time with the Club is going.

All we ask is that, if it’s possible for you,  you make a donation you can afford.

The Mindful Journey costs £2,300. That seems a lot for a programme to make me smaller.

It certainly isn’t a small amount. But you are getting personal attention and a guarantee about the permanence of your size and weight loss on an individually constructed programme designed by clinical specialists and biomedical scientists specifically for you. This is why we can guarantee you won’t put your losses back on!

If you chose a traditional diet programme, and then saw a coach or mentor every other week, you’d probably pay quite a lot more. With The Mindful Journey, you can contact your mentor at any time, and you get a lot more than coaching, mentoring and a guarantee:

a weekly The Mindful Journey Handbook instalment
online get-togethers,
one-to-one mentoring to answer questions,
the availability of professional consultants to help if life issues are making your progress more difficult
fun surveys and
really friendly online and face-to-face groups.

And a major reason for most members who join The E-SaW Club, and choose to take The Mindful Journey, is that it is guaranteed – and will keep going for as long as it takes for you to achieve your new Personal Defended Size and Weight.

However, the choice is yours.  You can join The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course for as little as £55 per week – and this includes your membership. There’s plenty of advice if you need it! Just ask.

Can I really join and take an individually designed course for as little as £55 per week?


You can join The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course for as little as £55 if the group is large enough to make this viable (this means there are more than 12 people in the group). And that £55 covers your membership too.

Why not get some friends and family members together – and get the weekly rate down?

You always know how much your course will cost before you start. And once you join, the weekly stays the same – even if the group gets smaller.

If I don’t like groups, or I can’t get to one, is it possible to have more one-on-one support?

Yes. We will create a strategy that suits your personality and your lifestyle whether you choose The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course or The Mindful Journey.

Some people do these programmes in their own homes, on their own, as a couple, or in a small group. The E-SaW Club is about celebrating, not trying to change, your individuality.

Simply contact us to find out more.

I’ve read that one of the Club’s two central programmes, called “The Mindful Journey”, only finishes when the member achieves something called a new Personal Defended Size & Weight. What is this?

We have two nervous systems which can act independently, but also work together to make sure we eat and drink enough.

When we eat less for a prolonged period, like we do to become smaller, the central and enteric nervous systems increase our feelings of hunger and make us feel full-up more slowly. They are guarding exactly the same size and weight that we are trying to lower! Which isn’t very helpful!

So when we try to become smaller, our own bodies fight against us. We call the size and weight each member’s body is defending their Personal Defended Size & Weight.

However long it takes your body to reach its new Personal Defended Size & Weight, you pay no more for The Mindful Journey.

Why do our bodies guard this Personal Defended Size & Weight?

Everyone is different, but it’s the way we have evolved over millions of years. If the quantity of food we eat goes down, our bodies tend to act as if there’s a shortage of food – some sort of famine.

For most of us, our bodies firstly make us hungrier than we’re used to – that’s a throwback to pre-historic times when we’d need the incentive of hunger to leave a nice safe cave and go off to hunt and gather. Then, when we find food, our bodies are slower than normal to feel full-up so we eat for longer and increase our fat reserves.

This worked really well when we needed to hunt and gather for hours to find enough food. But today, you and I just need to go to the fridge! So a once successful survival system is now actually fighting our attempts to be smaller.

Do I pay any more for The Mindful Journey if I haven’t achieved my new Personal Defended Size and Weight within a year?

No. We will support you however long it takes. The only extra cost to you will be any extra services you choose to have – for example consultancies, blood tests or extra saliva assays.

How do we know when we have a new Personal Defended Size & Weight?

We measure a number of hormones, using saliva. A number of different hormones work to tell us that we feel hungry – and that we are full. Each of us reacts slightly differently to different combinations of these hormones. People who are overweight produce proportionately less amounts of the hormones that make us feel full, than average. As we reduce our food and drink intake, these levels drop even further. And the hunger-feeling creating hormones increase.

Then our bodies accept a new Personal Defended Size & Weight and reverse these behaviours that are, very effectively, fighting our attempts to be the size and weight that we want to be.

Once this has happened, we will find maintaining our new size and weight much easier.

If our own bodies are fighting against our attempts to be smaller, what can we do?

Firstly, there’s a big difference between our bodies doing something we are unaware of, and our bodies doing something that we are expecting them to. So we have lots of ways that support and advise our members: Podcasts, videos, online get-togethers, one-to-one mentoring to answer questions, fun surveys and really friendly online and face-to-face groups.

There’s a weekly instalment of The Mindful Journey handbook and informal online discussion about the best way each member can utilise what’s in them.

We also use mindfulness – a version that is heavily researched, and approved by the government watchdog NICE for use in the National Health Service. Mindfulness is a huge help in making us aware of the difference between what we feel and what is actually real. You can come along to one of our meetings and talk to our members about this.

We use trance therapy too, on request, when members are having considerable difficulty changing habits regarding food, exercise and drink.

Research shows that if someone maintains, with support, a size and weight loss for around a year, the body accepts this new situation and stops fighting our work to become the size and weight we want to be.

Is the cost of the saliva tests included?

Yes, the costs of the necessary saliva tests are included both on The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course and on The Mindful Journey.

Some people on The Mindful Journey like to have more tests – so that they can check levels more often – but that is an individual choice for each member.

What else are you checking for with the saliva tests?

First of all, of course all tests are voluntary. We use them initially to look at an overall picture of the changes in your hormones over a 24 hour period. For the Club’s biomedical scientists, this process is a bit like a treasure hunt – what they look for next depends on what they found on a previous test. A tiny amount of saliva, collected on a swab like the ones at the dentist, can be tested many times for different things.

Do I have to be able to travel to one of the meeting places every week to be able to be a member of the E-SaW Club and get help with my size and weight?

Not at all. If you have access to the internet you can join our club. We meet online, and can provide support over the phone.

However, if you think you would like to be able to attend meetings in your area please get in touch – let us know who you are and where you are and we may be able to help. Simply send an email to

Alternatively, if you would like to work with us, and set up a club in your local area, please email

Currently, the towns and cities where we do have, or soon will have, physical meetings are all in England:









Elsewhere in England

Airedale & Wharfedale, W Yorks, N Yorks and E Riding

Ely, Cambridgeshire

Harrogate, N Yorkshire

Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire

Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

St Albans, Hertfordshire

I understand that sleep is important

Research shows that sleep is a very important factor in our ability to change our size and weight. Our initial saliva tests will look at a member’s hormone levels for information if they report sleep difficulties.

How do I find out more?

If you can get to London, Ely, Ilkley, Harrogate, Leighton Buzzard, Letchworth Garden City, Milton Keynes or St Albans you can come along to our free “Chats” over tea and coffee. There are normally a few people together asking questions – but we can talk to you privately should you so wish.

If you can’t get to any of those places, you are just as welcome to join us.  Without leaving home, you can find out more at our short webinars – which have question sessions at the end. We can always arrange to talk to you online privately too.

To see dates of our free chats or webinars, please visit our events page.

My question isn’t answered here. What should I do?

There is an online ‘Send a message’ service on this website. Please feel free to use it. If you would like us to contact you, then do leave your details. All enquiries are treated with total confidentiality.