E-SaW Club
Terms & Conditions

Purpose of these T&Cs


The over-riding intention of these Terms & Conditions is to provide an unparalleled service to our members by making it clear where the responsibilities and duties of The E-SaW Club (sometimes called, in these Terms and Conditions, simply ‘the Club’) and the responsibilities and duties of each member, lie.



The E-SaW Club is not a traditional dieting organisation. It was created by the ELK-Health Foundation to:

  • support people who have previously dieted, reduced their body fat, but put it back on again, enabling those people to reduce their size permanently,
  • and to lower the incidence of Type 2 diabetes, particularly amongst people displaying ‘pre-diabetes’ symptoms.
  • In addition, The E-SaW Club provides specialist advice and care for people who believe, for any reason at all, that they will find becoming the size and weight they wish to be difficult.

The experience of the biomedical scientists, consultants, clinicians, mentors and facilitators who founded the Club leads them to believe that providing effective support for people wanting to reduce their size is not, principally, about educating and changing food, exercise or drinking – although examining their rôle in each member’s life is important; it is increasing each member’s self-understanding and self-compassion that leads to permanent change.


This leads the Club and its members to have an understanding of what is necessary for sustainable change.


All officers and facilitators engaged by the Club are expected to engage and interact with members, and the public, in a respectful, emotionally intelligent manner that places importance on the individuality of each person.


No officer or facilitator engaged by the Club will be allowed to act for personal profit or any other motive other than the wellbeing of the members which is always their first consideration.

The Club’s responsibilities to members

The Club undertakes to provide, to the best of the ability of the Club’s biomedical scientists, clinicians, mentors and facilitators the following services:


The tests and opinions necessary for members to be informed regularly about their status regarding blood glucose, always providing relevant support and advice on how to minimalise the likelihood or effects of pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.


An opinion on the suitability of both of its central programmes – The Mindful Journey and The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course – for each club member based, solely, on which programme will, in the opinion of the Club’s specialists, benefit the member most. Where neither programme is thought to be unsuitable to a member, then her or his fees are returned in whole.


An opinion on the best time for each member to begin either The Mindful Journey or The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course.


A comprehensive strategy, based on both physiological and verbal or written enquiry data, where relevant, for the best régime or régimes for each member to follow.


Mentoring support to members. This is normally via email and, for Consultancy & Coaching members at meetings. By ‘mentoring support’ we mean advice, guidance and support that does not depend on the mentor having a formal health qualification, though your mentor may well have these. Specifically, mentoring support gives members personal attention regarding aspects of membership, and either The Mindful Journey or The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course depending on which programme the Club member chose.  Mentoring does not include support and advice about personal issues or those that require professional intervention. Nine sessions of mentoring are included in The Mindful Journey package and personal mentoring is available at meetings and via email to those on the The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course


Access to specialist consultation regarding any emotional or psychological issue – whether related to food, exercise and drink or not, but considered to be having a bearing on the member’s ability to reduce their size. This provision may be within a package but, where that provision is exhausted or does not exist, 25 minutes consultation is provided to members and then fees are charged at a discount of at least 55% on the consultant’s normal fees. No charges will be raised until the member knows the amount for which she or he will be liable. All consultants are members of professional bodies and subject to regulation. All consultants are insured.


Easily accessible support and advice, one-to-one, group and in written, video or audio form, with understanding and changing habits regarding food, exercise and drink.


Advice, support and care once the member begins The Mindful Journey and, usually 6-10 weeks from then, to discuss with each member an agreed set of goals for The Mindful Journey including a discussion about the likely best régimes for the member.


For members with wither a ticket for The Mindful Journey or The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course an initial biomedical analysis, a further analysis at the end of the 8 session + “All-Day” Mindfulness-led Size Reduction course and, for those on The Mindful Journey only, one 12 months after she or he commences The Journey without further charge.


Additional biomedical analyses, on request, and then confirmation by the mentor that this is likely to be useful to the understanding of the changes happening in the member’s body, at a discount of at least 55% to the usual charges for these services.


Access to 8 session + All-Day mindfulness courses where there is available space without further charge. This applies to physical meetings and to online courses.


Access to such newsletters, closed and open discussion groups both physical and online, and materials as The E-SaW Club publishes or creates for members’ use


A full 8 x approximately 2 hour session plus “All-Day” (which is usually about 6 hours) mindfulness course. This is usually presented online, but where there are available places, the member can elect to attend a course meeting physically.


Members and non-members taking The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course are offered a guide price for the weekly cost to them which, once the member books and pays the first week’s fee, is firmed up. The price per week can become less, but it cannot be increased.

On booking and paying the first week’s fees, membership of the Club is given.


The members’ responsibilities to The Club


The E-SaW Club is a successful group because it promotes mindfulness in everyday life, along with self-compassion and consideration to others. Members undertake to behave towards other members and officers and facilitators of the Club thoughtfully and with politeness and kindness.


When members decide to undertake one of the two central programmes of self-discovery that leads to permanent change in their size, they do so on the understanding that considerable commitment is needed by them. The programmes can only be successful for an individual member if she or he undertakes the exercises, questionnaires and surveys as best they can manage – the programme calls for at least 15 minute’s personal time somewhere quiet per day.


In addition, Consultancy and Coaching members on The Mindful Journey (unless they have elected to be on an entirely online presentation of The Mindful Journey) or The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course will be invited to attend a physical weekly meeting that lasts about an hour. Members are expected to be able to attend most weeks. Also, for those on The Mindful Journey, there is a weekly online group which also lasts an hour. The member can choose to attend these meetings, both those where the participants are physically present, and those presented online, in the morning or the evening where these times are available – and can move from one to the other where places permit.


When the member attends a mindfulness 8 session plus “All-Day” course, they agree to undertake at least 20 minutes of quiet meditation each day because the progress for participants does not take place in the meetings, but in the work they are given between the meetings.


Once either The Mindful Journey or The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course, is begun, members undertake to discuss progress and challenges with one of their mentors or their coach. Success depends on the member updating the mentors and coaches regularly about how they are faring.


Once they begin The Mindful Journey or The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course, members are expected to journal each day, if possible, as journalling has been shown to play an important part in the progress of people on these two programmes.


To pay subscriptions and weekly fees in good time. Currently, Club subscriptions are £22.97 per month, or £229.70 for a year’s membership; the weekly fee payable to be on The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course is dependant upon the size of the group and is pre-agreed with the member.

Payments can be made by debit or credit card mandate or, from most European bank accounts, by Direct Debit.

The Mindful Journey and The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course


It is important that the member starts The Mindful Journey or The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course at a time when she or he is both psychologically prepared for the changes that will happen and also has a good chance of meeting the time commitments outlined in section (4) above. Therefore, we reserve time for each member to tell her or his mentor as much as possible about themselves – and we have a number of surveys as well so that we can help you make an informed decision.

Payments for The Mindful Journey: one-off or monthly – and The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course: one-off or weekly


Payment can be made from most bank accounts or by using a Debit or Credit card. The one-off payment for The Mindful Journey of £2,297 covers the member until her or his body chemicals show, in the opinion of a qualified biomedical scientist in the employ of, or contracted by, the Club, the member has reached a new Personal Defended Size & Weight.


Alternatively, the cost of The Mindful Journey can be split across 4 months at £594 per month so long as a credit or debit card mandate or a Direct Debit is provided by the member.


The cost of The Mindful Journey provides the member with access to all the benefits of membership (so long as he or she continues to pay membership subscriptions as they fall due) and of The Mindful Journey, including their Personal Journey Dashboard, until in the opinion of a qualified biomedical scientist in the employ of, or contracted by, the Club, the member has reached a new Personal Defended Size & Weight. If the member continues to pay her or his subscriptions after this, then access to all the material will continue.


The cost of The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course includes Coaching & Consultancy Membership of the E-Saw Club; 2 biomedical tests as approved by your mentor; group meetings, in a number of towns and cities; access to a membership mentor; access, at a 55% discount, to experts for addressing personal challenges; online live debates; podcasts, access to a Personal Dashboard which shows members where they are in the course and what they next need to prepare for, reminder texts to help you through each day, easy-to-follow handbooks, and access to private E-Saw Club Facebook pages relevant to each individual member (for example for people with certain conditions, or goals).  A discount is available if the member pays for all the 19 Week Course before she or he starts.


On joining The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course you become a member of the Club. Within 14 days of joining, the member can resign and all fees will be returned.

After 14 days the member will be deemed to have contracted to pay the weekly fees due whether or not they come to the weekly meetings. If a member does not attend a physical or online meeting, The Club will provide all the materials that, in the opinion of the Club, will enable the member to continue the course.

If the member is unable to continue, for any reason unforeseeable prior to joining, then payment must continue on time, and the Club will provide places on a future course – or future courses – so that the member can continue to completion.


The cost of The Mindful Journey includes 9 mentoring sessions and 3 biomedical tests as approved by your mentor. It also includes group meetings in a number of towns and cities; a choice of two differently timed online weekly progress meetings; access at a 55% discount to experts for addressing personal challenges; online live debates, podcasts, access to a Personal Journey Dashboard which shows members where they are in the Mindful Journey and what they next need to prepare for, easy-to-follow Mindful Journey handbooks, and access to private E-Saw Club Facebook pages relevant to each individual member (for example for people with certain conditions, or goals).

By the middle of the 8 session plus All-Day mindfulness course part of The Mindful Journey, each member is invited to consider other aspects of their lives that they would like to change. Changes can include, but are not limited to, changing attitudes to, or aspects of relationships, both personal and at work, anger, shyness and assertiveness, self-esteem, stress anxiety, depression and overall happiness.

From the end of the 8 session plus All-Day mindfulness course part of The Mindful Journey until the member reaches her or his new Personal Defended Size and Weight, the member can, if he or she so wishes, receive support and advice regarding any matter they feel is relevant to their living a better, more rewarding life. Background support is included in the price of the Mindful Journey, whilst specialist help is available at a discount of 55%.

The unique Mindful Journey Guarantee for E-Saw Club members


Once you have been on The Mindful Journey for between 8 and 10 weeks, we will, together, make an informed agreement about what size and weight you will aim to be. Your fee will cover you until you reach this size and / or weight, so long as you follow the instructions made by your mentors, facilitators and / or consultants and remain a member. If you fail to retain 85% of your loss at the point where your body chemicals indicate that a new Personal Defended Size & Weight has been created, then we will provide additional support at no extra cost. We will continue to do this until you reach 85% of your losses so long as you follow instructions. If, after a year of this additional support, you do not retain 85% of your loss, unless there are physiological reasons over which we have had no control, we will return your fee. Your statutory rights are unaffected by this guarantee. Medical and age-related conditions that have, in the opinion of independent medical personnel, affected your ability to retain 85% of your losses will void the guarantee.


The Guarantee normally covers the normal fee (ticket price) for The Mindful Journey. If the fee you paid has been discounted, then your guarantee covers that discounted amount – the fee you actually paid rather than the normal fee ticket price. The Guarantee does not extend to membership fees, any extra services, items or events that you may have decided to purchase whilst a member.

Other Terms & Conditions


When you give The E-SaW Club your credit or debit card details you are confirming that you are either the card holder, or that you have permission from the card holder to use the card for the purpose of membership, your ‘ticket’ for The Mindful Journey, a fee towards The E-SaW Club 19 Week Course or other items or services from the Club.


For your own safety we reserve the right to contact your card issuer for the purposes of carrying out security checks.


Any promotions, discounts or vouchers are single use only and not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or voucher unless otherwise stated.



The jurisdiction for any dispute or legal argument or hearing is England and members may not undertake legal action in any other jurisdiction.