What is expected of me as an E-SaW Club member?

What is expected of me as an E-SaW Club member?

Being a member of the E-SaW Club means being part of an amazingly supportive group of people who will help you become the way that you want to be.

What will the Club members expect from you?

Three things:

1) Some of your time – being the way you want to be means investing a little time every day.

2) Some of your money – we ask you to consider making a donation to the research and development being done into more effective ways to support people with challenges about Type 2 diabetes and their size for two reasons.

3) Most importantly, some of your kindness and generosity – with which you will support your fellow members, as they will you.

You will need to invest some of your time


To reduce your size safely and quickly, you will need to set aside about 25 minutes each day. When a whole 25 minutes is difficult, you can divide this between two or three sections.


To make that reduction permanent, you will also need to set aside an hour each week for a group meeting – which can be online or face-to-face (and, yes, you can swap between the two) and between half-an-hour and an hour to check in with your personal mentor and make sure that you are comfortable with each week’s learning.

You will need to invest some of your money

In the UK, the E-SaW Club Guaranteed Permanent programme carries no charge. We ask you to consider making a weekly (or, if you prefer, monthly) donation to the research and development being undertaken by organisations that support our programme for two reasons:

People who donate something weekly feel more invested in their personal journey and tend to become smaller more quickly, enjoy being part of the programme more and, therefore, stay longer.

Donations from members are critical to the research and development of ways to reduce the effects of Type 2 diabetes and being overweight.

Not sure how much to donate? There’s lots of help in our separate brochure “Making a Donation to Organisations that Support Our Work”  here.

Most importantly, you will need to invest some of your kindness and generosity

E-SaW Club groups, whether they meet online, in person, or both, are wonderful, warm, supporting places where friendships become as permanent of the members’ size reduction.

You will enjoy supporting and encouraging as much as you will being supported and encouraged. Meetings are places of laughter, caring and warm informality.

At the beginning, in 2012, I had a waist size of 79 cms and weighed 74 kilos. After 20 weeks, I was 66 cms around the waist and weighed 61 kgs. Over 4 years later, I am less than 5% larger than that.

Is there anything else expected of me?

Only this. We ask you to take on board these two points:

Both becoming a member and starting the Guaranteed Permanent programme is by invitation. So we reserve the right to not invite people to be members if, for some reason, we believe that this might not be the right course for them to take.

When it comes to joining the Guaranteed Permanent programme, we give priority to people who have what we believe to be the greatest need to be on the programme – for example they may be going to have an operation that needs them to lose some body fat first.

You now know what is expected of you, click here to find out what you can expect from your membership of The E-SaW Club

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