What can I expect from my membership?

What can I expect from my membership of The E-SaW Club?

The E-SaW Club is completely different to a traditional diet programme in all sorts of ways.

Firstly, diets assume that the people on them don’t really understand food, exercise or drink. So the diet organisers spend a lot of time explaining things – and telling people what they should eat and drink, and what they shouldn’t.

The E-SaW Club assumes that most people understand food, exercise and drink perfectly well – but struggle with bringing that understanding into their lives. This is why we say:

To be the size you want to be you don't need to understand more about food, exercise or drink.
You need to understand more about you.
To be the size you want to be you don't need to understand more about food, exercise or drink.You need to understand more about you.
Because the main emphasis in The E-SaW Club is about each unique member - and not about food, exercise and drink - being on the E-SaW Guaranteed Permanent programme means lots of time is spent working with you as an individual. That does mean you need to be prepared to invest some time in becoming smaller - about 25 minutes each day plus 1 or 2 hours every week for meetings.

The meetings are central to your success.  It may be more convenient – or you may simply prefer – to attend virtual ones rather than get-togethers that happen in physical places. Many people, though, really enjoy the shared experience of being in a real room together. 

What happens at these meetings? 

The meetings are used to help us all – members, teachers and friends – to improve our skills in the things we need to be smaller permanently. Each week you get an instalment that builds into your personal handbook and you can also attend an online group tutorial – these are very informal and relaxed. The meetings are also a brilliant chance to swop stories and mutually support one another. A big feature of the Club is the bonhomie and the willingness of our members to share things they discover as they travel through the course. Some groups decide to meet up more often than every week and, of course, some people can’t turn up more than every other week or so. Everyone is different and the programme always celebrates this simple, yet marvellous, fact!

I like that the Club gets different parts of you to work together – not fight your plans to be smaller, lighter, happier and healthier. Sam – Current E-SaW Club member

We guarantee that Club meetings don't include:

  • Any mention of weight
  • Any sort of measuring (though sometimes we may suggest you do this at home)
  • Pressure on you
  • Guilt
  • Disappointment

What they do have is:

  • Fun
  • Support
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Empathy
  • Reassurance
  • Personal attention if and when you’d like it.

“Are you saying, then, that understanding food, exercise and drink isn’t an important part of becoming smaller?”

No we’re not. Food, exercise and drink are very important. We just reckon, though, that you are smart enough to understand what you need to about them.

And, of course, you are! You know that too much sugar means more fat on your body, that too much anything won’t make you smaller, that some foods are really comforting and (usually) only to be taken in fairly small portions! You know, too, that exercise is vital in becoming smaller.

What diet companies tend to do is to make food, exercise and drink a sort of pseudo-science that they place at the centre of their programmes  – advocating particular combinations of foods – all backed up by so-called research.

Instead of doing this, we at The E-SaW Club say that understanding how to become smaller is simple, but actually doing it is quite difficult. We find almost everyone agrees with us.

So, we do believe that food, exercise and drink – particularly exercise – is vital. We just don’t bang on about them. Why would we?  We’re pretty certain you know that too.

And, with all the stuff about food, exercise and drink kept to a minimum – no weigh-ins, no banned foods, very few lessons that mention food, exercise and drinks, no exhausting exercises to do – we can concentrate, with you, on the really important thing: And that’s definitely, undoubtedly, finding out what we need to do to support the unique circumstances of one individual: YOU!

Making you the person you want to be, permanently.

Outside the meetings, what can I expect?

The meetings help us improve the skills we need to be how we want to be.

However, most members also need support and reassurance during the week.

Every member gets a mentor and tutorials with plenty of time to check anything that may not seem clear to them.

The E-SaW Club undertakes to work with all issues and challenges each member wants to address. Included in the programme are those problems that directly relate to how a member thinks about food, exercise and drink.

The E-SaW Club will also arrange, on request, support and advice on other issues that members feel they want resolved – many of which may have nothing to do with food, exercise or drink. There may be charges associated with this- but no charge is made initially so there is no reason for the member not to talk to her or his mentor about the best way forward.

How quickly will I become smaller?

Many club members notice that they are smaller (often because they are moving onto a different belt hole – or are able to wear clothes that have been too small for them for some time) within 3-4 weeks.

Each programme is designed for that member. Through carefully stepped reduction, and then stabilisation, this process continues for the whole time the member is with her or his club.

Members are encouraged to let their mentor or facilitator know if they have a need to be smaller quickly – for example there is an event coming up that needs them to lose body fat as soon as possible.

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